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Whether you have a large group to train at one location, or smaller numbers of staff spread throughout the country, HOTT can prepare a custom discount program that will save you money. If you have a discount program with any other training provider, we will beat it. Call us anytime at 01780 483931.

HOTT provides the most attractive discount opportunities in the industry – without sacrificing flexibility or convenience. When we structure a program to save you money, you don't have to sacrifice these important qualities!

Individual Training Pass Options

# Courses Total Cost Cost Per Course % Savings
2 £2,895 £1447 27%
3 £3,735 £1245 37%
4 £4,095 £1023 49%
5 £4,695 £939 53%
6 £5,295 £882 56%
**Prices do not include VAT

If you are interested in taking a 5-day course and 3-day course, HOTT also offers an 8-day training pass for £2,395.

HOTT Small Group Discounts

If your company has three or more students interested in attending the same HOTT class then our small group training discounts could save you as much as fifteen percent off the cost of tuition. We offer a 10% discount for 3 or 4 students attending the same class on the same date and a 15% discount for 5 or more.

HOTT Versus the Competition

Company Course Days Cost
Hands On Technical Training Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Administration 5 £1,995
QA Administering a SQL Server 2016 Database Infrastructure 5 £2,117
Learning Tree Administering a SQL Server 2016 Database Infrastructure 5 £1,995

Our live training programs often wind up costing you less than non-interactive options such as web-based training or other CBT approaches. We can provide you live, hands on, instructor-led training for under £550 per student week, at your facility or ours. You don't have to sacrifice real learning to achieve your budget goals!

If you have a large group to train, we can split them up to save you headaches. Schedule the date you want for training at your site. If some of your people can't make it, they can attend the same class as a public seminar. This allows you to avoid pulling all of your critical personnel out of production at the same time. Extra cost? Usually none! It's your choice. No company offers training in more cities. So you don't need to train all of your staff at once to save. You may even be able to avoid flying people in from remote facilities if they can attend a public class near their own site, thereby cutting travel expenses even further.

HOTT Prepayment Options

Prepaid Student Weeks List Discount Total Cost Per Student/Day Cost For 5 Day Class
10 £19,950 15% £16,958 £339 £1,696
15 £29,925 20% £23,940 £319 £1,596
20 £39,900 25% £29,925 £299 £1,496
25 £49,875 30% £34,913 £279 £1,396
30 £59,850 35% £38,902 £259 £1,296
35 £69,825 40% £41,895 £239 £1,197
40 £79,800 40% £47,880 £239 £1,197
**Prices do not include VAT

Many training providers are proud to save 25% on high volume arrangements. Savings are easy to achieve with HOTT, even if you have relatively small groups of people. Whether your staff are at a single location or spread throughout the country, we can structure a program that will get them trained conveniently and inexpensively while minimizing travel. Only HOTT can integrate on site training with an extensive schedule of public hands on seminars to provide an annual training plan that minimizes cost, minimizes travel, and maximizes convenience.

Whether you have 5 students or 50, whether they attend singly or in groups, our prepaid voucher program will save you up to 25%. Our Training Pass can save 24% of the cost of training for an individual staffer. Call 01780 483931 to discuss your specific situation, and we will structure a program that will save you money. You will either save money or receive more training for your fixed budget. It's your choice!

Multiple Training Locations

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