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Effective IT Training

Critical Characteristics of Effective Training

There are literally hundreds of IT training companies for you to choose from. Why should you choose Hands On Technology Transfer, Inc. (HOTT) above the rest? Here are critical characteristics that HOTT provides to assure success and remove your risk. You can use these important criteria to evaluate any training provider. We're confident that you'll find no one else delivers such assurance of consistently excellent, cost-effective, and convenient training – every time.

Task-Oriented, Competency-Based Course Design

The best way to assure competency through training is to determine what tasks the trainees need to perform in their job, and have them actually perform those tasks during the training. HOTT's course design and development process begins with a task-orientation focused on creating true competency. The best way to assure competence is through facilitated hands on practice. Our students spend at least 50% of their time performing structured hands on lab exercises that build competence, confidence, and clarity.

Courseware Ownership & Control

Many training providers, even some of the largest ones, often concentrate first on winning the business, and then on finding an instructor and placing responsibility for providing courseware on that instructor. These "virtual" training providers own no courseware and have no course developers on staff. This is the best-kept secret of the technical training industry. Too few customers ask the question, "Do you own and control your courseware?" Since control of courseware offers so many advantages, virtual training providers cannot hope to provide any guarantee of total success.

We control our own courseware to provide first rate support for presentations. Our student guides and hands on exercises are constantly updated and improved, using both direct feedback from students and the instructors' own observations of what works best in the classroom.

Experts agree that intense hands on practice drives up competence and retention. That's why HOTT places special emphasis on hands on exercises in each course that we deliver. Most leased courseware falls far short in this area. It takes extra effort and substantial knowledge to create robust, well documented exercises. Companies that offer courseware for lease need to provide exercises that appeal to the lowest common denominator; furthermore leased courseware cannot assume that complex software setup will necessarily be available to support competency-based labs. As a result, lab exercises in leased courses can border on the trivial, and are rarely complete in the sense of exercising all the skills being taught.

This is my second HOTT class. The instructors, materials, and experience are excellent. Best training I've had in both cases. Highly recommend this company.
B.G., Vulcan Materials Company

Our ownership of most of the courseware we use also keeps our variable costs down. We hope you'll notice that those cost savings are being passed on to you, our customers.

Finally, ownership of our courseware means that when we deliver training at your facility, we can focus the presentation as appropriate, and at no extra charge to you. Our course library offers a broad range of materials to support a variety of topics.

Instructors With Extensive Experience, Not Just Certifications

We know that professionals want to learn from professionals. Our instructors are not new to programming, nor are they new to the industrial training environment.

  • Our instructors are cross-trained in multiple related technologies.
  • They average over 10 years of industrial teaching experience.
  • They know about and can contrast competing technologies.
  • Audits of applicants show that less than 10% of all instructors teaching for our competitors meet our strict standards. The remaining 90% lack the qualifications and experience to teach for HOTT.

I really liked the format of the class – the labs gave me a chance to apply what was being discussed in class as well as giving me a chance to work with the tool. The instructor brought a lot of industry experience to the table and was able to further clarify various examples with real experiences which I found to be invaluable.
K.R., Trican Well Service

Our management understands that you don't throw an instructor unfamiliar with a technology at a class just to "preserve the deal." HOTT upper management has been in the computer training industry since 1979; we have the contacts, the know-how, and the commitment to provide excellent instruction – every time.

A Cost-Effective, Total Solution

Most companies that require software skills training spend too much on it and don't get the full value that can be realized. You can't leverage the advantages of great training without cost control. At HOTT we offer you a cost-effective, total solution. Our prices are among the lowest in the industry. And, you pay no additional fees for application, registration, or cancellation. Unlike HOTT, many training providers charge unnecessary fees for cancellations or changes.

HOTT's cost-effective, total solution allows you to plan in advance and make changes if necessary without any hassle and without any financial penalty.

Superior Customer Service

HOTT's customer service is unparalleled in the IT training industry.

Course instructor and HOTT customer service far exceeded my expectations. We will definitely look at using HOTT for future training.
J.R., Safeco

If you require mentoring on a particular subject when you're through with class, our instructors are always available to you for assistance. HOTT strives to make every student comfortable within their newly learned skill-set. We want you to excel at your job when you're through with the training. If a student is not confident in their abilities after training with HOTT, they also have the option to retake all or part of the course again for no additional charge. If a student lacks confidence we will work with him or her to develop the understanding that leads to confidence as well as competence.

Training Available for Multiple Locations

Perform training at your own pace via on-demand streaming or attend regularly scheduled live courses via full-duplex audio/visual connection with our remote attendance option. All courses are designed to include 50% instructor-facilitated hands on practice.